Army Aviation


V-Watches continues to produce custom made watches dedicated to the Hellenic Army Aviation.

The most recent limited edition is based on Vostok-Europe Expedition chrono and is dedicated to the ΝΗ90 TGRA Helicopter. This is the second edition, as the first one was sold out completely

Vostok-Europe for NH90 TGRA 2...

Another limited edition is dedicated to the 307th Aviation Technical Group with two different dials either with Apache or Huey helicopter

Vostok-Europe for 307 Apache
Vostok-Europe for 307 Huey

Another recent special limited edition is the Vostok-Europe based chrono for 2nd Army Aviation Battalion (2nd TEAS) and the ΝΗ90 TGRA Helicopter.
Earlier V-Watches and Vostok-Europe special limited editions are dedicated to Chinook CH-47 D and Apache Longbow helicopters

Vostok-Europe NH90 TGRA
1st Attack helicopters Battali...
1st Attack helicopters Battali...
Apache Longbow
Apache Longbow with back cover
Chinook back cover
Chinook back cover