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Zeppelin cruising has always been the most exclusive art of travel. Even today it has not lost its fascination. The essence continues today with POINTtec's Zeppelin Watch Collection which offers a superb technical refinement and timeless elegance


Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin (1838 - 1917)


German pioneer of aeronautics renowned for his huge airships, constructed 1900 the first ever dirigible aero fixed airship Zeppelin LZ 1, 1909 founder of the Company Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH, Friedrichhafen. "The crazy Count from Lake Constance" built up workshops that developed and produced engines, gear transmission machinery, envelopes and cellular gas bodies for the airship sheds construction.
LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin and LZ 129 Hindeburg were historic milestones never reached again. Zeppelin constructed between 1900 & 1938 in total about 100 Zeppelin - airships in 27 different versions. The largest was LZ 129 in 1938 with length of 245 meters, diameter of 41.2 meters, volume of 200.000m3, 4 Daimler diesel engines with 4.200 PS, maximum speed of 131 km / hour and a range of 12000 kilometres reaching North and South America for transport of passengers, mail and freight.