MPH Chrono

The speed, the search for the best performance, the will to prevail over every opponent, have always been the fundamental traits of every racing enthusiast, every single pilot, every great name of the past and present of motoring, motorcycling, and any other motorsport category.
MPH, Miles Per Hour, the expression used by several different countries to indicate speed, in miles and not in kilometers per hour combines all this passion, this desire to excel, to write your name in history.
And it does it with a dual nature, enclosed in the same clock: a racing soul enclosed in a timepiece characterized by timeless lines and a sporting but elegant design, inspired by the first chronographs used on races and gentlemen drivers competitions as in new speed record attempts of every enthusiast around the world, a new fastest lap on the most important tracks of history, or to win a place in motoring history.
MPH is based on that, and it wants to remember this to whoever wears it, with colors, lines, and selected materials, which make up one of the most innovative watches of our collection, that will never fail to amaze and to be appreciated for its uniqueness.

MPH Chrono: pure speed, winning DNA

MOM MPH Chrono PM7400-472
MOM MPH Chrono PM7400-622
MOM MPH Chrono PM7400-742
MOM MPH Chrono PM7400-762
MOM MPH Chrono PM7400-922
MOM MPH Chrono PM7400-932
MOM MPH Chrono PM7400-952

Stainless steel case, diam. 46 mm - Leather strap - Chronographic quartz precision movement, date indication - Mineral glass - Waterproof 50m (5 atm) - Screw crown and back case