V-Watches continues to produce custom made watches dedicated to the Hellenic Navy

V-Watches special limited edition dedicated to the Hellenic Navy Frigates HS Salamis, HS Psara and Type S Frigates (HS Elli, HS Kanaris, HS Navarinon, HS Kountouriotis, HS Themistoklis). The special edition is based on Vostok-Europe Rocket N1 chronograph

Vostok-Europe 6S21-2255376 Sal...
Vostok-Europe 6S21-2255376-D P...
Vostok-Europe 6S21-2255376-E T...

V-Watches special limited edition is a Vostok-Europe automatic watch based on Almaz model and dedicated to the Underwater Demolition Units of the Hellenic Navy

Vostok-Europe NH35-320C384
Vostok-Europe NH35-230A384
Vostok-Europe NH35-320C384 bac...

Other special limited editions are dedicated to the Hellenic Navy Ammunition Specialists

Vostok-Europe NH35-320A385

and to Hellenic Navy Submarines: S-112, S-117, S-123 and S-118

Vostok-Europe for S-112
Vostok-Europe for S-117
Vostok-Europe for S-123
Vostok-Europe for S-118 Okeano...
Vostok-Europe for S-118 Okean...

Earlier V-Watches has produced Vostok-Europe based titanium case chrono for Naval Helicopter 1st Squadron and the AB-212 ASW Helicopter as well as the Vostok-Europe based S-121 and S-122 Submarine edition, two highly successful special limited editions for the Hellenic Navy Seals  (Underwater Demolition Team) and the Aviator based Aegean Hawk special edition for Sikorsky S-70B-6 helicopters

Naval Helicopter 1st Squadron ...
Vostok-Europe for S 121
Vostok-Europe S-122 Type 214
Underwater Demolition Unit
Underwater Demilition Unit
OYK dry box
OYK project
OYK back cover
Aegean Hawk Sikorsky