Dimitris Ververelis new ambassador of Vostok-Europe

Dimitris Ververelis is the new ambassador of VOSTOK-EUROPE.

In order to fulfill his internal need to be as close to the sky as possible he started 27 years ago as a paramoteur pilot and instructor when in the late 90s, after serving in the Hellenic Army Special Forces, he moved in the United States to get his commercial helicopter flight license. He traveled in France, UK, Ukraine and South Africa to fly and learn next to the best helicopter pilots.
A couple of years later he became a flight instructor. In 1999 he founded GreekHelicopters.gr.

Dimitris is trained in more than 15 helicopter types and holds both FAA and JAA flight licenses. He always gives flight instruction at Dekeleia Aeroclub, his second house, in Tatoi airbase where he is known as "the German" because of his way in following rules and procedures as well as being always on time in the air and on the ground. His obsession with accuracy brought him close to VOSTOK Europe.
In 2005 he started experimenting with helicopter. He is the first Greek helicopter pilot who has performed a televised full loop with a helicopter. Backward movements with quick changes of heading, back and front pirouettes, 90° climbs, 360° vertical dives, dog turns and full down autorotations are very common at his air display performance.
Dimitris performed in Athens Flying week airshow in 2012 and 2013 and we are looking forward to admire him in Athens Flying Week 2014 performing with his EC120B with VOSTOK-EUROPE logo on its nose.
Helicopter images by Timotheos Kentavros Mouz

EC120 B
EC 120B