Danae Varveri new Vostok-Europe ambassador

Vostok-Europe is proud to introduce Danae Varveri - the new Vostok-Europe ambassador


For the design of the new Lady’s watch line, Vostok-Europe has combined the flow
of dancing with the power and relaxation of free diving into a magic
creation called Undinė, that expresses overall women’s nature
and contemporary women’s characteristics such as strength, tolerance
and charm

Photo by Alexanderos Chadiaris

Vostok-Europe is proud to introduce Danae Varveri -the  new Vostok-Europe ambassador and  a Greek freediver, mostly known for her World Record dive in 1999 to 40 meters without a mask, fins or wetsuit in just 71 seconds (!)

Her deep passion for Free Diving and water sports led her to dedicate many years from her life to study Human Aquaticity and establish it as one of the parameters of human performance. This scientific work
led her to be awarded with the PhD in Human Physiology in 2016 and
publish many research articles since then

Photo by Costas Constantinou


Danae, is also a competitive dancer involved also in many experimental
dancing activities such as underwater dancing (Underwater Fairytale) and
photography all under a single breath. All those activities are used to
promote Environmental Awareness about water and oceans sustainability

For Danae, interaction with the water element is a unique life-nurturing
activity that leads us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and how we
interact with Nature

Photo by Costas Constantinou

Her underwater deep dance is a combination of breathing exercises,
multiple movement patterns and mental focus that brings Body, Mind and
Spirit into a state of harmony with the water environment

Photo by Stefanos Kontos

For the Vostok-Europe Undine campaign Danae Varveri appears in underwater images of several Greek and Cypriot photographers, Costas Constantinou, Stefanos Kontos and Alexandros Chadiaris, with the photoshoots to take place in Amorgos (Greece) and Pafos (Cyprus)

Photo by Yannis Vichos

Danae Varveri, a modern, active, beautiful extreme sport athlete seems like the best ambassador for the sporty yet elegant Vostok-Europe Undine watch line