“Штурманские” (“Sturmanskie”) - a story of space exploration, captured in watches. The first man in space - Yuri Gagarin - took with him to space flight, “Штурманские”, wristwatch that proved its high reliability in the conditions of zero gravity.
These days, flying into space already became more ordinary, more frequent, therefore, the requirements for reliability and comfort of all technical devices - from spacecraft to wristwatches - increased manifold. A watch for the astronauts must have high resistance to aggressive external environment: the magnetic field and vibration. If the orbital electronics fails, then only mechanical watch could work, so it is the mechanical watch, which has to measure time in space.
But most of the time an astronaut still stays on the ground, and the training that simulates zero gravity, is performed under the water. And so, from a “space” watch, we expect water resistance, and one of the most practical inventions in the history of watchmaking - automatic winding.

Looking into the future, Sturmanskie has created “Mars”, which, thanks to its unique properties, will be invaluable in space and on Earth. After analyzing all the functional requirements, the manufacture has concentrated their implementation in one model: anti-magnetic, anti-vibration, waterproof, automatic. To achieve this goal, Sturmanskie has revised the functionality of the watch case standard parts and created unique design: the movement is encapsulated into anti-magnetic shell, being actually the second inner case, then placed inside the ring and hung on three supports inside the main body. The inner capsule is made of non- magnetic beryllium alloy. Beryllium is light weighted and gray colored, relatively hard metal, which has very high cost. Due to unique properties, it is used in various fields, such as aerospace engineering. Construction materials based on beryllium have lightweight and hardness, plus resistance to high temperatures. having 1.5 times lighter weight than aluminum, these alloys at the same time are harder than many special steels.

Three pillars that support the movement enclosed in the inner capsule – is the construction inspired by recognizable striking design of a spacecraft docking mechanism used for the first time on the International space station “Soyuz” - “Apollo”. Front glass and see-through back cover make this design transparent: the movement being surrounded by a semitransparent ring with minute scale seems to float in zero gravity.
The color plays key role in a simple, functional design. Bright, red-orange, the color of the red planet, the color of fire, the color of power and victory. The movement supports are also painted with orange, as well as both sides of the outer steel casing.
To provide hue saturation, making it durable and glossy, we used the technique of enamel.
On the basis of functionality, Sturmanskie has created Mars – a watch with recognizable design, rigorous, technological, and at the same time emotional.

Sturmanskie Mars 2824-2-337586...
Sturmanskie Mars back cover