Special Forces


V-Watches continues to produce custom made watches dedicated to the Hellenic Special Forces.

The most recent special limited edition for 2nd Paratrooper Squadron (2η ΜΑΛ), Zeta Amphibious Raider Squadron (Z'MAK) and Alpha Amphibious Raider Squadron (A'MAK)

Vostok-Europe for 2nd Paratroo...
Vostok-Europe for Z MAK
Vostok-Europe for A MAK

Another recent special limited edition is based on Vostok-Europe chrono and is dedicated to Hellenic Police Bomb Squad

Vostok-Europe TEEM Hellenic Po...
Vostok-Europe TEEM K-9 Unit ca...
Vostok-Europe for Hellenic Pol...
Vostok-Europe TEEM Hellenic Po...

Some other recent special limited editions is the Vostok-Europe based Landmine Clearance Squad (TENX) chrono and the Hellenic Police Air Support Unit's 20th anniversary automatic watch.
Earlier V-Watches has produced special limited editions for the Hellenic Cost Guard (Helicopter Resque Swimmer), the Hellenic Police Air Force Service (EC-135 helicopters) and the Hellenic Police Special Counter-Terrorist Unit

Vostok-Europe TENX
Vostok-Europe TENX in dry box
Vostok-Europe Hellenic Police ...
EKAM back cover
YEMEA back cover
Hellenic Cost Guard