Storm Chrono

Futuristic lines, perspectives, layered and bold geometries, the Storm model is all that and much more.
Designed starting with those that are the most advanced automotive and motorcycle stylistic elements, this watch is inspired by those that since several years are the guidelines of the engineers and designers of supercars and extreme performances motorbikes worldwide.
The silicone strap, with its sinuous and soft lines, connects perfectly to a case characterized by edges, cleanly cut lines and flat surfaces, made to impress, creating a sharp contrast and searching for maximum performances, but never forgetting the design and style that every MOM timepiece always contains within itself.
A further example of Italian genius, aimed to create something unique, innovative and inimitable.

STORM: elegant style, sharp lines, extreme performance

MOM Storm Chrono PM7310-324
MOM Storm Chrono PM7310-914
MOM Storm Chrono PM7310-924
MOM Storm Chrono PM7310-934
MOM Storm Chrono PM7310-954
MOM Storm Chrono PM7310-964
MOM Storm Chrono PM7310-974
MOM Storm Chrono PM7310-994

Stainless steel case, diam. 46 mm - Customized silicon strap - Chrono quartz precision movement - Mineral glass - Waterproof 50m (5 atm) - Screw crown and back case