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V-Watches is the exclusive distributor for Alexander Shorokhoff in Greece and Cyprus

Alexander Shorokhov, founder and name giver of the Alexander Shorokhoff watch manufacturer, was born in Moscow in 1960. He studied architecture and is a trained civil engineer, which is where his flair for forms and colors and his aptitude for extraordinary design originated

In accordance with an arrangement between German federal chancellor Helmut Kohl and Russian president Michail Gorbatshov, he came to Germany in 1991 as one of Russia’s best managers in order to further his education at the ministry of economics in Hessen

Just one year later, he established a pan-European straight sale and distribution market of watches of the largest and most important Russian brand Poljot before establishing his first in-house watch brand Poljot International in 1994.
Whoever knows Alexander Shorokhov, knows that he is not satisfied by doing things by halves. He wanted to create watches on his own with higher standards of workmanship, quality and design. Quickly he set himself a new target: In 2003 he took the next step in Germany. In the heart of Alzenau, a small idyllic town in Bavaria he established the Alexander Shorokhoff watch manufacture that carries his name. The double “ff” at the end of his last name emphasizes his Russian roots and the brand’s historic background, which he is very proud of.
Alexander Shorokhov is a world citizen. He travels the world and draws his inspiration from the many countries and cultures he visits. However, his greatest source of inspiration is his Russian roots, based on a rich and deeply pronounced millennial art and cultural history. These facets combined with German precision result in the unusual individual design of the watches, paired with a lot of dedication, excellent quality and highest possible precision

Art on the wrist: Independent conveyance of perception, inspiration and emotions via unique and creative expression in form of a watch. To Alexander Shorokhoff watch manufacture, a watch is not only a timepiece – it is a window into our soul where creativity comes true

Watches from the Alexander Shorokhoff watch manufacture are limited works of art of highest precision

The Alexander Shorokhoff Avantgarde collection concentrates entirely on design: Following the Russian Suprematism and inspired by Russian and European art and culture of the 20th century, the watches provoke with their exceptional design elements and unusual combination of forms and colors. The Avantgarde watch models are made for individualists who express a modern, independent attitude towards life

The entire team is committed to each and every watch with great diligence and dedication, in order to receive an in every respect qualitative and artful watch that retains its value due to its uniqueness

Art has no limits, but it is art that can transcend boundaries

The manufacture of high-quality watches is no easy task. It is extremely complicated and requires great expertise. Together with the highly qualified workers, Alexander Shorokhoff develop and create marvelous and exceptional watches that combine cutting-edge design with highest quality, as well as fine and elaborate hand engravings. Alexander Shorokhoff set and pursue this goal with the highest standard of quality and the awareness of our corporate philosophy in mind

On the way to becoming a finished product, every model passes through various stations, starting with engraving to refinement up to calibration and assembly. Alexander Shorokhoff completely revise every movement, bring it up to date, and give it the distinction of Made in Germany

Every master watchmaker is responsible for his watch from start to finish. At the end, the respective master watchmaker certifies and signs off all watches with details about gait deviation, amplitude and water resistance. Every certificate contains the numbering of the watch, which can also be found on the case