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V-Watches is the exclusive distributor for Aviator watches in Greece and Cyprus

Aviator watches have been present on the Greek market since 2004

On December 17, 1903, Orville and Wilbur Wright invented an idea that seemed impossible. It defied convention and it defied gravity. On that day, they developed their flying machine and sustained the first-ever human flight that changed the way the world viewed the open sky. From then on, innovation in the air evolved and early aviators used their watch to track distances, speed, altitudes and travel times. As airplanes grew more sophisticated, the wristwatch became essential equipment for military pilots and a necessary accessory among gentleman alike 

Aviator pays homage to the spirit of flying in each of its watches. Inspired by the form and function of over five generations of aeronautics, Aviator is a reminder to never yield in your affairs. To dare the unthinkable and to do the unheard of. After all, if you truly believe in something, may you look to the sky and strive for what you love—relentlessly 

Made for professionals who has the highest requirements, each Aviator watch is produced in Switzerland, with the most reliable Swiss movements, the highest quality components and extremely durable materials. In the cultural heart of the Jura region, in the town of Porrentruy Aviator manufacture brings together all the brand’s watchmaking operations, including research and development, movement modification, assembly of components, and rigorous multi-level quality tests 

Every Aviator watch combines the professional skills and experience of watchmakers, with the sincere passion for aviation and the art of timepieces