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V Watches, inheriting the long time expertise, is Greece’s most successful company in the Custom Made Watch field.
It all started in 2007 with the Aviator A7 Corsair Limited Edition which became legendary and completely sold out. This first project brought many more, resulting in more than 200 Custom Made Special Projects for Hellenic Air Force, Hellenic Navy, Hellenic Army, Special Forces, but also Football Teams and Private Companies.

Special Projects, Custom Made Collectible Special Limited Editions for a team of people united with common purpose and insignia, are most commonly based on Vostok-Europe or Aviator popular models.

At V Watches IKE we offer a variety of customization options, as we are able to process, edit or create any kind of logo or insignia, that stand out for their quality and unique design in cooperation with local designers (Aviation Project) or the designers of each brand.

Any dial can be completely customized by changing its color, adding, removing or changing the dial numerals, placing a logo and/ or a drawing of any complicity. Special hands can be manufactured, as we did for some of our projects, for example in the shape of an airplane or a helicopter rotor. The watch case can also be customized by engraving on the back cover or on the case side, or printing on the back crystal for open back models, or engraving on the movement rotor. Most commonly our Special Projects come in a normal box with customized box cover.

The minimum quantity of watches for a Special Project varies depending on the brand, the model, the logo and the customization options. The usual level is between 20 and 50 pieces per Special Project, while our biggest one was the 3.150 watches for the Hellenic Football Team Official Watch Limited Edition.

At V Watches IKE we value the quality of the final product most, so we do not use any kind of ready solutions. The dials are printed at the factories, following all the testing and quality control procedures. The delivery time of each Special Project varies from 45 days to 6 months, ensuring the flawless quality of each watch.