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V-Watches is the exclusive distributor for Vostok-Europe watches in Greece and Cyprus

Vostok-Europe watches have been present on the Greek market since 2004

In August of 2003 an agreement was reached between the Vilnius based Koliz company and the Chystopol Watch Factory Vostok on the establishment of the joint company Koliz Vostok. The goal of the new company was the creation of a new watch series that would have both modern design and quality. Thus, the new watch brand Vostok-Europe was created

In April 2004 the first Vostok-Europe watch series was presented at the BaselWorld exhibition. The first Vostok-Europe collection consisted of 5 watch models including the model K3 Submarine that became the first Vostok-Europe bestseller.

In August 2004 the first Vostok-Europe watch shipments were sent to Germany, Poland, Greece and the USA

By the year 2007 the number of countries where Vostok-Europe watches are being sold has risen to 30

In 2009 the Vostok-Europe Ekranoplan are the first Vostok-Europe watches with tritium illumination (tritium tubes). In 2010 the Anchar model is the first Vostok-Europe diving watch, combining both tritium tubes and water resistance up to 300 meters. Both Anchar and Ekranoplan watch models were extremely successful due to their authentic and highly attractive design. At the time Vostok-Europe starts using Seiko Instruments Inc. movements as well as Vostok and MIYOTA movements

Vostok-Europe watches become the official watches of the Greek Football Federation

In 2011 the slogan of Vostok-Europe changes to For Going to Extremes and during the same year Vostok-Europe watches become the official watches of the Free-Diving World Championship, the Greek Institute of Marine archeology, the auto-rally competition in Romania and the Enduro Rally in Lithuania

Vostok-Europe regularly makes special editions of watches to NATO Army: for Underwater Demolition Units, for pilots of F-16 fighters and Apache helicopters, Submariners, Rescue Swimmers and many other troops

Vostok-Europe cooperates with important extreme sports athletes around the world. Lithuanian pilot, Unlimited Aerobatics World Champion Jurgis Kairys and Lithuanian racer Benediktas Vanagas – one of the most experienced racing drivers in Baltic countries, participant in Dakar rally, are long time brand ambassadors. Among the Vostok-Europe ambassadors two Greeks stand out: Dr. Giorgos Sakkas, professor of Health Sciences at Plymouth Marjon University, UK, free diving athlete and coach and former Captain of the Greek National Free Diving Team, and Cpt Dimitris Ververelis, helicopter display pilot, called “The Wizard”, the first Greek helicopter pilot to perform a televised full loop with a helicopter.

In summer 2018 Vostok-Europe released its long awaited lady watch series Undine. The Greek freediver Danai Varveri undertook the testing of the new 20 ATM water resistant chronographs in real diving conditions. Photos of Danai Varveri wearing Vostok-Europe watches underwater, taken by the best photographers from Greece and Cyprus become a successful advertising campaign for Vostok-Europe watches all over the world

In the beginning of 2019 new models with Power Reserve and Open Balance indications were released. The best selling Energia Bronze Open Balance, Energia Power Reserve and Gaz 14 Limousine Open Balance are based on the newest Seiko Epson YN84 automatic movement