Celestial Objects

Celestial Objects is Vostok-Europe new limited series of watches dedicated to

celestial objects and their movement.

The design of two new models from the Celestial Objects series was inspired by Solar and Lunar eclipses – astronomical events

that happens during rotation Moon around the Earth.

Vostok-Europe Lunar Eclipse is dedicated to Lunar Eclipse

when the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow,

causing the Moon to be darkened.

At least two lunar eclipses occur every year, although total lunar eclipses are

significantly less common than partial lunar eclipses.

Several cultures have myths related to lunar eclipses or allude to the lunar eclipse as being a good or bad omen.

Vostok-Europe Solar Eclipse is dedicated to the the Solar Eclipse

which occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun,

thereby obscuring the view of the Sun from the Earth, totally or partially.

Vostok-Europe Ceres Asteroid is dedicated to the dwarf planet and the largest asteroid in the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter.

The Vostok-Europe Ceres Asteroid watche’s dial is made of natural Hermes Grey Stone.

The Vostok-Europe Halley’s Comet is dedicated to the the brightest comet,

visible from Earth with the naked eye for a very short period of time every 75 years,

which means it can be observed up to two times in a lifetime.
The Vostok-Europe Halley’s Comet watche’s dial is constructed from natural Aventurine or Blue Sandstone.