Customize Your Watch

  1. Chose a watch model. For Vostok-Europe the minimum quantity for a Special Project is 10-50 watches, depending on the model. For Aviator the minimum required quantity is 50 watches and for Zeppelin 250 watches. At V Watches we always produce a slightly bigger quantity and keep the rest of the watches here for any future use.
  2. Send us your logo. At V Watches we process, edit or create any kind of logo or insignia, for printing on the dial, engraving on the back case or printing on the box cover.
  3. We will get back to you with several design options for you to chose.
  4. Chose your engraving. Most commonly we engrave the logo on the back case as well as a personal inscription up to 15 letters (a name or a nickname, a date etc.) which can be placed on the back case, on the side of the case or both. The personal inscription is customized for every watch individually.
  5. After the final design is approved, it takes 45 days – 6 months to deliver the watches, depending on the brand, the quantity and the complicity of the customization. Most of our projects are delivered within 1 – 2 months.

Feel free to send us any question or inquiry to info@v-watches.com or use the contact form

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