LZ 14 Marine

100 Years Zeppelin

LZ 126 Los Angeles


LZ 127 Graff Zeppelin

LZ 129 Hindeburg

LZ 129 Hindeburg Moonphase

LZ 120 Rome

LZ 120 Rome Lady

New Captains Line

Night Cruise

LZ 120 Bodensee



V-Watches is the official distributor for Zeppelin watches in Greece and Cyprus

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Zeppelin Watches is a brand name produced by POINTtec, a medium-sized family owned company that remains independent and owner-managed

From the outset it vowed to create watches that stand out thanks to their unique design, excellent price/performance ratio and high product quality that is Made in Germany

POINTtec trademarks Iron Annie, Junkers and Zeppelin all stand for a pioneering spirit and innovation, traditional craftsmanship, high quality and a long service life. These values spur the watches on in the present and are companies’ promise for the future

POINTtec offers experience and proven watch design and development expertise that it has been demonstrating for over 30 years. All watch designs are developed by POINTtec. All Zeppelin watches are made by experienced watchmakers in Germany and are a genuine quality product that is Made in Germany

It is in 2002 that POINTtec expanded its portfolio with the Zeppelin brand. With Zeppelin watches POINTtec reminds on the pioneers of aviation history and probably the most elegant way of traveling. The collection combines classical elements with technical sophistication and a high product quality

Named after their constructor, Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin (1838 – 1917), the huge Zeppelin airships were historic milestones never reached again

Zeppelin cruising has always been the most exclusive art of travel and has lost none of its fascination to this day. Like the Zeppelin airships, the watches in Zeppelin watch collection impress with their technical sophistication and timeless beauty. The Zeppelin watches offer a sophisticated, distinctive design with an excellent price-performance ratio and a high product quality